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Bumfodder - Cleaning the air

Harveys Furniture Sale

Always impressed that furniture retailers are able to deliver fantastic savings we have made a list of the fantastic Sales and offers that Harveys Furniture are able to offer.  In the 8 Day sale Harveys were offering a Vister 3 seater sofa for £589 with an after event price of £1,748.  However after the event, which itself was extended by 50%, the actual price was £629.  So the savings of £1,159 was actually a saving of £40.

Dates Offer Duration
7 January 2014 - 13 January 2014 January Sale 7 Days
26 December 2013 - 6 January 2014 8 Day Sale 12 Days

Cut crime by making it to hard to report

Couple of years ago I reported a fraudster to @dorsetpolice.  They were not interested.  They had this view that there is no point investigating, as fraud is a complex thing and even  though the person who spoke with me agreed it sounded like fraud, they thought it best to go with the flow and not record it as a crime.  The fraudster, who has been banged up before for the same thing, carries on in the community ripping others off.  Since when did the Police side step their goal to have crime prevention.  I decided not to bother.


Aviva - need more fingers

Ok, I still cannot get how this works.  Joan is getting a new car, and I'm getting hers.  She's nice that way.  I got a quote from Aviva for £309 for me to insure my new car.  Joan got a quote from Aviva (current insurer) for, not 100% sure of the number as it was more than double what others had quoted - but it was something in the order of £400.  We are both named on each others policy.  They then offered a deal to save up to a 1/3 to insure both cars.  This they said worked out at £1084.  Ar...... what.  Taking a quote from Aviva "for our 43 million customers, we aim to communicate in a clear open and timely way with the media and stakeholders"  Pity they did not include the customers in that statement.


We don't owe you enough (Southern Electric)

Southern Electric are taking the piss now. At the end of the summer (August 2011) my monthly electric payment plan was in credit to the tune of £275.  What that means to the dumb people reading, which are probably going to be SSE Energy Supply comptrollers, I have overpaid and you owe me £275.   Now the winter is over ... well (Feb 2012) the credit on my monthly plan has fallen to £81.  What that means to the dumb people reading, which are probably going to be SSE Energy Supply comptrollers, I have overpaid and you owe me £81.  Now the nice wee (they are scottish) people at Southern Electric have told me that they need to put my payment plan up by £25 a month because in their view I'm not going to be paying enough during the summer months to cover the cost of the electric.  Call me stupid and I'm sure the wee people from the land of snow winters and white sandy beaches are the best brains in Scotland, but in Southern England - where drought will soon turn us into desert land, we have sun and warm weather in the Summer and longer days with more light and so why the fuck do they think I'm going to use anywhere near as much electric during during the summer as I do during the winter when the house needs heating.  Cheeky fuckers.


Harrow schoolboys hire African bearers

Interesting to read this snippet on #projectsnake  by SIMON ROGERSON on new years day, 2000.

Lawyers are likely to be the only ones to profit from the case of Peter Jackson, the Harrow School geography teacher accused of stealing cash from a pupils' holiday fund. After a series of hiccups, the case has rumbled on for almost two years, lining m'learned friends' pockets. The prosecution's own waggish barrister, Michael Longsdon, even found the time to have a few laughs while outlining the case for the prosecution. Mentioning that the trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania was priced at a costly £2,000 a person, he added that a party of African bearers had been employed. "These are Harrow schoolboys, so they had a porter each to carry their things up the mountain," he explained drolly.

© Copyright 2001-2013 Newsquest Media Group


Southern Electric - they came good

It is rare that Reggie comes back to give praise - but I have to admit, within a few hours of my last post going live, a manager had tracked me down and explained what things were looking strange.  He admitted they made a mistake and they would fix it immediately. 


Simon Pegg visited my local Aldi

What happened when Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright visited my local Aldi Store?  They stood speechless and the plot for Shaun of the Dead was hatched.  Aldi seems to attract zombie shoppers.  They stand around in groups, prodding at the merchandise and making incomprehensible grunts.  They hog the space making it impossible to get around the store.  Come the checkout, they fear the light and the pain of parting with their money.

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